Young Birders Enjoy November’s Birding Bounty at Green Lawn Cemetery

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December 22, 2017
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January 22, 2018

Hi, I’m Katelyn and I want to tell you how wonderful my last OYBC trip at Greenlawn Cemetery was!
First of all, I was so happy to see my friends again! I could finally tell them about all of my mini birding adventures and catch up with their lives.

The birds were sort of sleepy, so to speak, that day; but I enjoyed hanging out with my “long distance” buddies. Even if most birds weren’t hopping around, my favorite sighting was the Fox Sparrow; it had been only the second time I’ve ever seen one! The Wood Ducks were really fun to watch too, and I was proud to point out the beautiful pair to my mom. I was happy to teach and learn at the same time while I was there. It is so refreshing to be with people who share your common interests. 

After our cheerful walk around the Cemetery, we met in a Chapel to discuss our future adventures. While we talked we had some delicious, homemade cookies and warm hot cocoa. After hearing all the things we had planned, I was nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement. I even volunteered to become a part of the Youth Advisory Board; they warmly accepted me right away. I can tell you, I walked away from that trip with a huge smile on my face.

Katelyn Shelton