Volunter Spotlight

The Gift Of Time
January 19, 2017

At Grange Insurance Audubon Center volunteers not only finding it rewarding, but fun too! Karen Pierson decided to join our volunteer program almost two years ago when she and her dog Daisy took a walk on a beautiful spring morning in the park. She and Daisy encountered a box turtle laying eggs in the sunshine. She could even hear the eggs dropping into the hole on the ground. She said in that moment she was reminded how precious the natural world and web of life is. Remembering back in the day when the peninsula was a dump site, full of warehouses, and the home of the infamous Columbus police impound lot (which she visited a few times not by choice), to see the transformation into a beautiful oasis was incredible to her. She credits Daisy for getting her to make the decision to volunteer here – she looked at Daisy and Daisy looked at her and she said, yes, you’re right, I need to get involved and volunteer at this beautiful place. Since Karen is a huge animal and nature lover this seemed like a perfect fit! Now she just wishes she could get Daisy to help her clean up after events!

Volunteering with the center is important to Karen she says because, “I know what a special place and unique treasure the Grange Insurance Audubon Center is and can’t believe how many people still haven’t heard about the center or know where it is.” As Columbus is her home city, she is a very vocal advocate for our center and our work. It seems every event we have, she spreads the word and people come! She loves volunteering with us and finds it interesting that she always feels she gets back more than she gives.  She volunteers for many of our events and says they are fun plus there is always delicious food and drink served as well.

Her favorite memory volunteering at the center, thus far, was during the outdoor music event: Birds, Bands and Beer. She remembers a beautiful summer night filled with great music and nature was in full bloom; there were baby animals from the Columbus Zoo; the view of downtown Columbus at sunset and into the evening was breathtaking; she met some really nice people. She says, “it nothing felt like work at all and it was fun to participate.”

Besides spending time volunteering, Karen has worked as a paralegal in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Antitrust Section for 18 years. She loves the rewarding work that comes from working for the citizens of the State of Ohio. Karen is a self-proclaimed book nerd, frequents the library and enjoys writing as well. Other hobbies include knitting and playing piano. She has learned to enjoy exercise like yoga, walking and swimming. Her real love though is attending live music events, concerts, art galleries and the multitude of festivals available here in Columbus.

Karen, we thank you for being such a positive and enthusiastic advocate for us as part of our volunteer team at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center! We have something for everyone and we appreciate any time you can spend with us.