Volunteer Spotlight: Greenlawn Cemetery

President’s Letter
May 16, 2017
Mark your calendars! Columbus Audubon 5K Run/Walk is Nov. 4, 2017
May 16, 2017

Green Lawn Cemetery Garden Planting

A huge thanks to everyone who expressed interest in volunteering to work at the Green Lawn Cemetery with the garden projects! Six volunteers from Columbus Audubon spent an afternoon at Green Lawn Cemetery planting native plants and trees.

The first project of the day was to plant 100 Mayapples in beds in front of Huntington Chapel and in the ravine.

The second project was to plant a half dozen native trees including wild black cherry, American elm, silky dogwood, and persimmon.

There is one more project to go – the installation of the new information board near the feeders, which will be scheduled soon. If there are one or two folks that would like to help with the sign installation, please contact Maura Rawn and be prepared to bring your muscles and a strong back!

Here is a Columbus Dispatch article related to the effort.