Thanksgiving note from the Director

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November 22, 2017
Winter Wildlife
November 22, 2017

While I’m giving thanks for all that I have: family, friends, food on my table, a roof over my head, and so much more on November 23, I will also be giving thanks for the sounds of Ohio winter birds such as white-breasted nuthatches, juncos, and white-throated sparrows on my morning walks.

I don’t take any of it for granted. I am especially not taking our feathered-friends for granted. As I write this article, we at Audubon are mobilizing with our most forceful advocacy to stop an energy bill now advancing in the House that would gut the MBTA, weakening environmental protections at the cost of the natural world we share and the wildlife it supports.

As a nature center, and in particular an Audubon Center, this amendment is contrary to all that we stand for; the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was one of Audubon’s earliest victories. We are committed to keeping it. You can help in a variety of ways: share your voice and post your opinion on social media and petition your Congressional representative via e-mail, phone calls, or by completing this action alert.

As the executive director of Grange Audubon, I am forever grateful to you—our friends, volunteers, members, and supporters—for all that you share with us. I guess you could say, Thanksgiving is for the birds!


Photo credit: Rolf Nussbaumer/VIREO