New Volunteers!

Preschool Storytime
September 21, 2017
Field Trips
September 21, 2017

Welcome to our newest volunteers! We are so thankful that you’ve joined our team!

Vivian Harvey                                                                            David Paris

Jacqueline Bechtold                                                                Pam Hill

Leslie Dybiec                                                                             Morgan Cramer

John Davis                                                                                 Danielle Gugliomotto

Emily Gardner                                                                           Allison Shivers

Nathan Past                                                                               Michael Chernoff

Linda Hunter                                                                            Olivia Gugliomotto

Julie Arnold                                                                               Kelsey Ridenour

Lucas Hanson                                                                           Pamela Haynes

Brian Will                                                                                  Pamela Limbacher

Natalie Moore                                                                          Sara MacDonell

Thomas Jervey

If you would like to be a part of our wonderful team of volunteers, please contact Allison at or 614-545-5482.