Great Things are Happening at Calamus Swamp – Columbus Audubon’s Own Nature Preserve!

Eagles Nesting on Scioto river near Dublin road
December 7, 2017
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December 12, 2017

This fall has been a busy time at Calamus Swamp, located just west of Circleville (39°35’02.7″N 83°00’01.5″W). Volunteers, Boy Scouts, and many from Columbus Audubon have been working hard with many projects.

Trail Improvement Eagle Scout Project

Several months ago, we were approached by Pickaway County Parks and a local Boy Scout Troop with the offer of an Eagle Scout project. At the same time, Blaine Keckley, one of Columbus Audubon’s volunteers and the person largely responsible for the amazing upkeep at Calamus, finalized the details to procure large wood “mats”, donated by Good-One Excavating. We thought the mats would be useful for trail improvement of an area that remains muddy for most of the year, and the timing was perfect for the scouts to take on the trail improvement as their project. The massive mats were delivered and Blaine “ripped” them in half (no small task, even with a chainsaw) and cleared a path through the wooded area for access to the trail. On October 30th, Boy Scout Hyden Hovermale and his hard-working crew, under Blaine’s and scout Troop Leader’s supervision, got to work clearing debris and tree stumps, and hauling and placing the mats.

Thanks to their hard work, the trail has been greatly improved and will keep mud off your boots during your next visit. It should need little maintenance, and we look forward to many people visiting soon. Thank you Hyden, Blaine, and all of your hard-working crew!

Kiosk Build and Installation

We had been considering for some time adding a kiosk at Calamus to provide visitors with information about Calamus and Columbus Audubon in general, and to offer a central point for communication. We were in the process of determining how to fund the kiosk when several months ago, Board Member Angelika Nelson’s husband Doug generously offered to build it himself. He finished the build, Blaine dug the post holes, and on November 11th, Doug, Angelika, Board Member George Arnold and Blaine Keckley installed the kiosk.

The kiosk is in the perfect location for visitors, and is a terrific addition. We have posted a welcome notice and list of birds seen at Calamus, and more is coming soon. Please be sure to add your bird sightings at your next visit.

Since the installation, Angelika and Doug have generously offered to donate the kiosk materials – many thanks to you both!

Stay tuned for more updates on the other projects going on at Calamus Swamp…