Events at Grange Insurance Audubon Center

Celebrating our Grange Insurance Audubon Center 2016 Volunteers
March 21, 2017
The Window
March 21, 2017

Program schedule from March through April. A suggested donation of $5.00 is encouraged.

March 29th– Wildlife Photography with Tim Daniel

Hosted by the OSU Chapter of the Fish and Wildlife Society, Tim Daniel of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will discuss wildlife photography and how to develop a career in wildlife biology.  Event begins at 5:30.

Tim Daniel, a life-long resident of Ohio, has worked as a photographer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the past 20 years. In pursuit of varied subjects and landscapes, Tim has photographed in locations throughout the United States, Canada, and South America. What Tim enjoys most about his work for Wild Ohio Magazine and the Division of Wildlife’s social media, however, is the opportunity it provides to enlighten readers about the wildlife within our own state.

April 5th– iTree with Michael Sponsler

Have you ever wanted to know what trees you have in your neighborhood? Do you love citizen science? Learn how to use iTree to map out the trees in your community with Michael Sponsler. We will delve into this amazing citizen science technology, and learn about trees in central Ohio. Event begins at 6:30.

Mike Sponsler is a Senior Project Manager who has 37 years of experience in regulatory permitting and environmental management through his division management positions with DNRs in Illinois (Division Assistant Supervisor), Indiana (Division Director), and Ohio (Division Chief), including 11 years of experience in environmental consulting. As Chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Management, he was the State’s lead regulator over the oil, gas, coal, and mineral industries. As a consultant he has managed both renewable (wind and solar) and fossil energy projects (pipeline, coal ash, coal mines) to resolve permitting issues related to Indiana bats, bald eagles, state and federal threatened and endangered species, wetlands, cultural resources, power siting board applications, local permitting, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

April 19th– Lights Out with Matt Shumar

Join us as Matt Shumar discusses the Lights Out Columbus program and ways you can help prevent bird strikes at your home.  Collisions with buildings are a leading cause of bird fatality during migration in North America, and it is estimated that up to half a billion birds die each year in North America from building collisions. Event begins at 6:30.

Matthew Shumar is an ecologist specializing in ornithology and landscape ecology, with degrees in wildlife and forest science from the Pennsylvania State University and West Virginia University. As the Program Coordinator for the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative, Matthew looks for ways to engage the public into citizen science programs and explores new opportunities for collaborative efforts between academia, agency professionals, and amateur ecologists. In addition to serving as OBCI’s Coordinator, he is the webmaster for the Association of Field Ornithologists and was the Project Coordinator and co-editor for The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Ohio.