EcoWeekend and the Universe

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March 23, 2017
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March 23, 2017

This photo of the moon was taken at Camp Oty'Okwa during EcoWeekend 2015. Kent's telescope was tracking the Moon. Many people, using cell phone cameras placed at the eyepiece where you normally look through, were rewarded with similar images.

(Stars & Planets at Camp Oty’Okwa)

By Kent Rothermel
EcoWeekend Astronomer

When was your first time?

That special feeling you got when you realized that what you were seeing and what you were feeling, pulled the air right out of you! Time and place seemed to be outside of the cerebral periphery, but center stage in your mind was this wash of heightened awareness, rapid pulse and the questions…

Questions like: May I take a picture of this? Or, how far away is that?

Statements like: I feel a real connection with the stars up there. I had no idea what you could really see in the night sky.

You will never forget you first views of Jupiter or the Moon or the phases of Venus or the rings of Saturn as seen through a telescope. Bringing those bright stars in for a closer look reveals a sphere, with some details that let you know that it’s really right there.

Speaking of the moon, cell phone photography at the eyepiece of the telescope, pioneered at EcoWeekend a few years ago, allows you to take that front seat home with you. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus also get dressed up for a photo, using your cell phone, as well!

All of us who have the privilege of looking up at the night sky and contemplating our place in the universe, learning about the stars in our cosmic backyard and sharing perspectives of near and far celestial objects know just how important it is to invite as many folks for their first close-up look.

Camp Oty’Okwa, in the Hocking Hills region, graciously hosts EcoWeekend each Spring. Always fresh, Always engaging – EcoWeekend is a hands-on experience on many topics relating to the unlimited natural wonders of Earth and beyond. Come join us!