Doomed Blooms

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January 22, 2018
Keeping Warm with Winter Fun
January 22, 2018

Michael Goldman

As I write this article I notice it is only 2 degrees outside. Though the weather is extremely cold here, the climate is getting warmer every year.  Spring and Fall are much warmer than they used to be and this is changing the way birds and plants are acting.  Something fascinating from the fall was that we saw so many spring plants begin to bloom in October and November.  Even my mother sent me a beautiful picture of her Forsythias blooming mid-October.  Although her bushes were giving some extra life to the late season pollinators, this plant behavior is detrimental to its own health.

Flowering happens when a plant is ready to reproduce.  It takes an immense amount of energy and nutrients for a plant to do this.  All that good stuff the plant has been storing in its roots is finally used for a spectacular pollination display.  When a plant decides to bloom during an irregular time of the year, this takes away the energy and nutrients it would have for its normal bloom.  If you have any plants blooming out of season, this could turn into a problem later in the plants life.  The best thing to do when you see a plant about to bloom out of season is to help it remember this is not time for pollination.  Simply cut off any buds or blooms.  Even though you won’t have a gorgeous fall bloom of Forsythias, the true springtime blossoming will be an amazing pollination event.