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January 22, 2018
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January 22, 2018

A Special Thank You!

by Allison Clark

Conservation Classroom is an important partnership with Columbus City Schools. This year we are working with 49 classrooms in the district between 3rd and 8th grade levels. After an initial introductory visit to each classroom, each of our classrooms comes to the center in each of three seasons: fall, winter and spring. During our initial visits explaining to the students what to expect in the upcoming year, quite a few students get very concerned about the visits in the winter months because they may not have the proper attire to be successful in an outdoor learning environment.

This year a shower thought became an initiative and a simple posting on Facebook brought in a storage room full of new or gently used coats, gloves and hats. While we initially hoped to have a few extra coats, hats and gloves for students to borrow while they were participating in their trips here, we decided it would be more helpful to allow students who did not have these items to take them home to keep – not only so they could enjoy the outdoors during their class time with us, but also to promote other outdoor experiences throughout the winter.

We handed out quite a few items before winter break when it was just beginning to get colder. The students who received them have been thankful and relieved to have them for their programs but even more surprised and excited to get to take them home. If you would like to donate new or gently used coats, gloves or hats in the future, please contact Allison Clark at

Thank you to the following individuals for donating items:

  • Vivian Harvey
  • Sue Cavanaugh
  • Suzie Brace
  • Shirley Lambert
  • Aimee Mapes
  • Margie Mapes
  • Amber Mazurana
  • Judy Bejarano
  • Joy Pratt
  • Sue Baas
  • Heather Hahn
  • Bonnie Halchin-Smith