Conservation Classroom: Art at the Audubon Event

May 14: International Migratory Bird Day
April 18, 2017
March for Science
May 16, 2017

Art at the Audubon was a celebration of the collaboration between the Grange Insurance Audubon Center’s Conservation Classroom program and school partner Columbus Gifted Academy. After the sixth grade scholars from the Columbus Gifted Academy visited for their Bird Study program in the fall, they used the knowledge, field experience and sketches they participated in at the Center to create beautiful artwork directed by CGA art teacher, Ms. Alder. Scholars researched specific birds in developing their masterpieces and incorporated visual representations of bird calls and songs, the diet of the bird, nesting and their surrounding habitats in their artwork. The event was a culmination of the Center’s STEAM programming and the follow-up project at the school.

With the sounds of wonderful Columbus Gifted Academy musicians filling the halls of the center, over one hundred guests admired the scholars’ artwork. Ms. Reidenbaugh, CGA principal gave a warm welcome and Ms. Alder discussed the hard work of the scholars before introducing two sixth grade scholars who spoke about their experiences at the Center as well as the art project. Alexander commented that “during the time we were at Audubon, we learned a lot about different birds, and how to use tools to spot them. We actually got to go outside and spot birds, using what we’d learned about different birds’ unique features.” In talking about his sketching experience at the conclusion of the classroom visit he also stated that he was “so inspired from the visit, I went home and drew another bird in my spare time.”

In describing her artwork, the second young scholar, Olivia, stated “the bird I chose for my artwork was a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. I chose the hummingbird because I personally enjoy hummingbirds. They are all over my grandparents’ garden and this experience taught me so much more I didn’t know about them.” The Grange Insurance Audubon Center is a place for students to learn, to make science come alive and to make connections with the natural world around them. This collaboration with Columbus Gifted Academy has been a true delight! Be sure to take some time to stop by the center to admire this wonderful artwork which shows our mission is moving forward – students continue to learn, science continues to come alive and connections are being made every day. The Columbus Gifted Academy artwork will be on display through the end of April.