Celebrating our Grange Insurance Audubon Center 2016 Volunteers

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March 21, 2017
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March 21, 2017

The Grange Insurance Audubon staff held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on Sunday, March 12th to honor our dedicated volunteers for their service in 2016. Our invaluable volunteers gave 4390.75 hours of their time as greeters, education support, animal care support, and helping with native garden maintenance, habitat restoration, and special events. We also had 237 one-time volunteers who volunteered their time during our conservation work days, helping with native garden maintenance, removal of invasive species, litter clean-up, and building deep cleaning.

The staff of the Grange Insurance Audubon Center thanks all of our 2016 volunteers for your continued support, dedication, and time given to our organization. You are an integral part of helping us move our mission forward. We couldn’t provide the services and programs we do without wonderful volunteers like you!

Kelle Andrews Belinda Jones Samantha Sablosky
Joanne Aubrey Dessie Kardaras Ginny Salamy
Lauryn Bone Diana Keenan Sue Setterlin
Bob Borman Mary Marsh Rich Shank
Katherine Boucher Frank Martens George Shellenbarger
Joe Bricker Mitch Masters Katelyn Shelton
Ann Buhr Kelly McCurry Elizabeth Sidorenko
Shelby Conrad William Mignery Cassie Stiles
Greg Cunningham Tim Moloney Erica Szellar
Aparna Dial Sandra Nessing James Taylor
Samantha Doerner Yvonne Niklas Maury Walsh
Carol Drake Lori Overmeyer Zachary Watson
Denny Forrest Aaron Pickrell Patricia Watts
Carly Grubbs Karen Pierson Gary Wearsch
Bonnie Halchin-Smith Joy Pratt Lynn Wearsch
Bill Heck Elissa Rand Kathy Wightman
Jill Holl Ben Rawson Chrissie Wilson
Tyler Hughes Barb Revard Sally Wood
Garth Jacobs Jack Riordan Mac Young
Marilyn Jennings John Roberts
Suzan Jervey Jack Roy

Zach Watson: 2016 Johann Cozart Outstanding Volunteer Recipient

The Johann Cozart Outstanding Volunteer Award was established in 2012 in memory of one of the Grange Insurance Audubon Center’s beloved first volunteers. The candidate for this award is selected based on qualities demonstrated by Johann: making connections, flexibility, positivity, friendliness, generosity and trustworthiness – our 2016 recipient is Zach Watson.

Zach began volunteering here in 2016 and came to us because of his love for a center he grew up visiting when he was young. He wanted to give back by getting involved with another like-minded organization that influenced him so much as a child and even influenced his studies and career goals. He is a graduate from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Zoology and special interests in ecology, ethology, diversity and systematics; and, is currently awaiting acceptance into graduate school to continue his studies.

Zach gave 65 hours of his time to taking the lead on animal care including mentoring new animal care volunteers. He is an animal lover and has provided our animals with excellent and thoughtful care. Because a center like this meant so much to him as a child he was passionately vocal when it came time to discuss the future of continuing to have animals here at the center. He wanted visitors, especially our youngest, to be able to see our animals up-close so they had the opportunity to become interested in nature just as he had. Zach is a self-starter, who is motivated and task-driven. He goes above and beyond to problem solve – especially when it comes to figuring out the filters for our tanks!

Zach is gentle and pleasant, staff and volunteers alike are often uplifted when they see his smile. We thank him for being one of our most dedicated and passionate “behind-the-scenes” volunteers. He truly believes in the mission of our organization and is helping us continue to move our mission forward

Jack Roy: New! 2016 Youth Volunteer Award Recipient

One of the things we strive for at the center, is to awaken guests to the beauty of the natural world so that they can make connections between their actions and the environment, creating a passion within them to become further engaged in enjoying the natural world and taking action to protect it.

This year, we included a new award for our volunteer appreciation ceremony that celebrates exactly what we strive to do here at the center.

Our newest volunteer award, the Youth Volunteer Award, was awarded to Jack Roy. Jack is an enthusiastic and passionate young man who loves nature, especially birds! He is remarkably conservation conscious as a teenager and is interested in caring for the natural world for others to enjoy. Once you meet him, your life has been touched by him for the better. With his curly ginger hair, Jack exudes positive energy and passion and loves the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. Shortly after the center opened, he visited with his family to enjoy birding. About five years ago, Jack attended Audubon Adventure Camp for the first time and came to camp every year after. This past summer he volunteered with us. He greeted visitors, helped with animal care and assisted with education programs. He loves to spend time in the Center library and enjoys reading books about nature, animals and birds. Jack also came back (in costume!) in the fall to volunteer at Trick or Tweet, working with some of our youngest visitors.

Staff and other volunteers look forward to seeing Jack whenever he is here — he’s truly a ray of sunshine that brings a smile to everyone’s face. We thank Jack for being the young man his is, for his passion and for his energy. He truly could be the poster child for this center (we seriously have tons of pictures of him!) because he is our mission and has made our mission come alive.