Birdathon proceeds for Calamus Swamp: Register today!

Mark your calendars! Columbus Audubon 5K Run/Walk is Nov. 4, 2017
May 16, 2017
Columbus Audubon Welcomes New Board Members
May 16, 2017

After a successful day of work at Calamus Swamp the trails have been reopened.  Volunteers cleaned up many of the wood pieces and smaller logs on, and within a short distance of, the trails and boardwalk. A section of the boardwalk that had been damaged was repaire .   A special thank you to everyone who helped during the workday at Calamus Swamp, especially Tom Sheley and Blaine Keckley for all their continued hard work and dedication at Calamus Swamp.

This year’s Birdathon proceeds will help defray the costs of maintaining Calamus Swamp, property owned by Columbus Audubon in the Circleville area. Many ash trees at Calamus Swamp had to be taken down because they had been hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer.  This was a large expense that was not anticipated this year. The property is unique in that it is a kettle lake and we want to preserve it for birds and people to enjoy for many years to come. Two students are currently doing research projects at the swamp and the research will be presented as a conservation spotlight when it is complete.

The Columbus Audubon Birdathon will be held again in May, 2017. During the Birdathon, teams try to see as many birds as possible on one day.

But it’s not just a birding event: it’s the biggest fundraiser of the year for Columbus Audubon. While we are focusing on Calamus Swamp for the funds raised this year, the pledges collected by Birdathon teams go to support other Columbus Audubon programs as well. Such as:

  • grants for local conservation and research projects
  • scholarships for environmental education
  • public programs featuring nationally known speakers
  • Central Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Birders Club