2017 Columbus CBC Uses Mild Weather to Bulk up Bird Totals

Braving the Cold for Winter Birds
January 22, 2018
Volunteer Spotlight: Bonnie Halchin-Smith
January 22, 2018

On December 17, 74 observers found lots to crow about, even if the weather wasn’t nasty enough to push in many unusual birds.  The mild temperature encouraged teams to work diligently in the morning, before afternoon drizzle discouraged both the birds and the birders.  It was a great count, if you savore woodpeckers, flock birds (chickadees, nuthatches), or wrens; we set many count records for quite a few of these species.  It was less interesting, if you like ducks, sparrows, or winter finches, where the lack of snow or cold weather failed to concentrate these birds at our lakes or feeders.  We still managed to find a Cackling Goose and Snow Goose around the OSU campus (Leslie Sours, Bret Graves), even though waterfowl numbers were sluggish.  With so many motivated observers, we also pulled out a few landbird rarities, including our third-ever Pine Warbler (Emily Sypolt), sixth-ever Gray Catbird (Dan Sanders, Doreen Linzell), and a count-week White-winged Crossbill (Bruce Simpson). Sixteen teams were able to push up totals of 79 species and 36,130 individual birds, with scads of high counts for different species.


Please find details including a full list of bird species and number reported on our website



By Rob Thorn, compiler for Columbus CBC